An extract of our testimonials.

HRDT have designed and implemented a number of qualification programs. We deliver bespoke concepts and implementation architectures. Our priority is interaction, working together, and learning from one another. This is the only way to bridge the gap between theoretical input and practical application.

I am happy to inform you about the very positive feedback we received about the team and leadership workshop HRDT held in Berchtesgaden at the beginning of the year. Our company's management thought it was great! Thank you for this great workshop, it benefits us all and we are very happy about it. We are open to working with you on potential follow-up workshops.
Bernadette Müllerleile
Head of Personnel | Madarin Oriental
We consider the HRDT team to be an absolutely reliable and highly competent business partner and really appreciate the pragmatic, customer-based and success-oriented approach they adopt in their trainings and seminars. Their conceptual skills effectively support our complex requirements and make them a really valuable partner. We can definitely recommend HRDT!
Lukas Guido Imhof
Team Lead Credit Services | UBS
HRDT was able to adopt the mindset of our organization, and designed a bespoke training program that helps to perceive individual modules and overall concepts as being authentic. HRDT's training methods are precise, informed, effective and sustainable. All participants learned how to reflect on the topics presented, so that they can apply them in their respective fields, developing and growing in the process.
Silvio Rahr
CEO | Helios Privatkliniken
As part of our executive development program, HRDT held an MBTI workshop followed by individual coaching sessions for our company. The feedback given by the participants about the workshop and its outcome was highly positive. A particularly positive factor was the practical applicability of the material. We can recommend Mr. Seeboth as a competent, charismatic and methodologically experienced trainer who knows how to convey and illustrate content in a memorable way. The workshop is a real 'eye-opener' and helps to improve social skills and leader effectiveness.
Florian Randlkofer
Executive Board Member | Dallmayr
We have worked with HRDT for one year as part of our executive development program. We really benefit from the link to our current projects thanks to the customized measures HRDT developed for our team of leaders. Participants have quickly integrated the content presented in their everyday work. We are very happy to keep working with HRDT, as we really appreciate their professionalism and disciplined way of working. We are convinced that their enthusiasm, humor and pragmatic way of conveying knowledge helped make the training for our current and future top managers so successful.
Katja Färber
Head of Personnel Management | Alba
For more than 2 years HRDT has consulted and supported the leaders of our company. Very competent trainers who always conducts their trainings highly successfully, being fully committed and showing a high degree of flexibility. Their friendly and helpful personality really resonates with our participants. The learning effect is really high due to the diverse and interesting presentation of all materials. The content of the training and consulting sessions matches the actual requirements of our participants in their day-to-day job, so they can implement directly what they have learned.
Günther Biere
CEO | Kaufhof Frankfurt
Dear Mr. Seeboth, just a brief, but very warm note to you to express that I really appreciated HRDT's seminar. It was very exciting and intense with quite a lot to digest, though it never stayed at the surface. Everything was well thought out – and with sufficient self-discipline, it will definitely be practically applicable. Thank you very much!
Urs Weber
General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce | Schweiz-Österreich-Liechtenstein
Dear Mr. Seeboth, congratulations. The leadership workshop was great and I think that everybody was able to benefit from his or her individual leadership lesson! Thanks again.
Angela Faust
Teamleader HR | Bain & Company
We have been working with HRDT since March 2016 on the conception and implementation of a long-term, holistic management development program to be introduced across all management levels and occupational groups. With HRDT, we immediately had the feeling that we were being supported by a competent partner with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. This experience is particularly evident in the interactivity, method security and practical benefits of the training content. This is again confirmed by the consistently positive response of the previous participants in the 1st module.
Jürgen Pfleider
HR Manager | SRH Klinikum Karlsbad-Langensteinbach
The workshop on the MBTI personality profile, which HRDT conducted in our organisation, was extremely interesting, practical and varied. Today we are able to independently analyse the MBTI evaluations sent to us within 24 hours by our applicants and integrate them into the recruiting process as a partial instrument. We can warmly recommend HRDT and look forward to further cooperation.
Andre Mebold
HR Manager | World Vision
HRDT carried out 2 workshops with subsequent individual coaching as part of our management development. The success and the positive feedback of our participants speak for themselves. The professional and charismatic nature of the trainers as well as the ability to respond to group needs deserve special mention.
Karin Goetsch
Corporate Personnel Development | Dr. Schär AG / SPA
We would like to thank you for the team coaching of our Personnel Departments' management team. This laid a new foundation for even better cooperation between my managers. I can only recommend these kinds of measures and would be pleased about further cooperation.
Bernd Szczotkowski
HR Manager | Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein
HRDT has been training and coaching our management team with great success for 3 years now. The fact that we actively use the leadership instruments and techniques you teach in our daily leadership work makes it clear how precisely your leadership concepts are tailored to our needs. In addition to the practicability of the training and coaching contents, we are always enthusiastic about the methodology and didactics of your events: professionalism, authenticity, enthusiasm that infects, as well as a very special personal commitment make you a very important business partner for our company.
Clemens Hauser
CEO | Panetta Holding AG
Following our first joint project, I would like to thank you very much - also on behalf of my employees. For many of us, MBTI was a foreign abbreviation that we didn't know much about. Today, the 16 personality types are reality for us and the basis for improving our customer relationships and conversations, our internal cooperation in the department and my management work. The response of my employees, both verbally and in writing, was very positive. We have experienced you as very committed, competent, customer-oriented and professional trainers. Thank you very much!
Regine Wölle
Member of the Executive Board | Kliniken Essen-Mitte
Following our joint project, we would like to thank you for your exceptionally professional and dedicated support. The response from the 60 managers involved was very positive throughout. We were able to start very valuable discussion processes, the confrontation between the managers and their results is very intensive and already shows positive effects in their daily work. We have thus achieved more than we could have seriously expected. You mastered the challenge of offering visible benefits to an internationally composed, highly experienced and demanding management team centered around the MBTI with flying colours. In addition to the effect of the MBTI instruments, your design and implementation of the workshops as well as the individual sessions contributed greatly to the positive feedback. We have already received numerous requests from the individual divisions of the company to extend the use of these instruments to larger groups of employees. We will gladly support this on the part of HR management.
Rolf Ernst Pfeiffer
Head of HR | CSL Behring
HRDT advises and supports us for the second year in all phases of the development and implementation of an integrative and cross-professional executive development program with all senior employees of KEM, including the management. Following the consistently positive feedback from all 130 participants in the program, the training and coaching concept has now become an integral part of our company. The HRDT team has distinguished itself through high competence and a methodically safe approach and is able to convey the contents in a friendly, pragmatic and highly professional manner.
Joachim Neugebauer
Human Resources Development | Sana Kliniken AG