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Our wide variety of services allows us to offer you and your organisation the support you need, exactly where you need it. Find out what backing from hrdt can look like in detail by clicking through the sub-sections on the right.

People who come into managerial responsibility must learn personnel management. Managers who develop themselves further and move up in companies need qualified leadership knowledge. For both target groups – beginners and advanced – hrdt offers a selection of training courses and workshops that have been tried and tested in practice.

We focus on leadership behavior, management tools, and emotionally intelligent leadership communication. As opposed to just imparting theories, our guiding principles are experience, comprehension and implementation. We choose and use various interconnected methods tailored to your individual situation, as well as relevant and engaging simulations and role-playing methods.

Participants and their specific needs are always at the heart of what we do. Our trainers come from the professional world and train for the professional world – they have years of experience as managers and leaders.


After defining your assignment and objectives, we would be happy to send you an individual quote tailored to your challenges and requirements.


As facilitators, our colleagues constantly strive to add additional layers and perspectives to our clients’ and coachees’ perceptions and actions. In order to achieve this, we use a variety of methods and strategies from the field of systemic consulting.

Coaching helps you to reflect on your own attitudes away from everyday life. You can develop and try new alternatives to be more confident in your job. We open up new ways and strategies along with you – playful, at times provocative, but always outcome-oriented – in order to unveil hidden or underused resources. We uncover resources that support you on your way to reaching your goals.

We accompany you in the conscious use of your potentials, up to the self-confident control of your projects, your time and your responsibilities. 

We would be pleased to provide you with further information regarding our Coachings. You can request additional information via Phone or E-Mail.

Nowadays, companies from all industries are constantly confronted with the same challenge: Recruiting.

The ever increasing shortage of skilled talents, the constant search for creative, innovative and qualified employees or succession arrangements can be a thorn in the side in the already complex recruiting process.

HRDT actively helps you discover potentials at an early stage, win them over for your company and develop them internally. 

In these processes we never lose touch with people and through the targeted use of various diagnostic methods we can, for example, gain valuable insights into the competencies and behavioral tendencies of candidates and combine these with the experience of our coaches in all further consulting steps to identify the perfect talents for you.

In all the detailed steps, we never lose sight of the overall picture, after all, the aforementioned steps do not only mean change for the newly recruited employees. 

Your managers must also go through successful implementation processes so that such changes can take place according to plan. Since the active support of managers in recruiting always plays an important role for us, hrdt’s competencies also apply in these situations.

If you require further information on our services concerning the support of your recruiting processes, contact us at any time via E-Mail or Phone.

We usually try to avoid conflicts. But they tend to sneak in anyway. Mediation is a suitable method for solving conflict. First of all, the two conflicting parties agree (voluntarily) to seek a joint consensual solution through mediation. A mediator functions as a multi-partial third party to support the process.

Hrdt’s qualified and certified professional mediators facilitate the mediation process. They help all conflicting parties to express their interests and needs with the aim of finding a joint self-determined win-win solution for all parties.

If you require further insights into our role as mediators, feel free to reach out to us via Mail or Phone at any time.

Workshops are a great way to work on various topics in a targeted, structured and focused manner. As facilitators, we make life easier for you as the expert so that you can focus on content. After all, content that has been established together during a workshop is usually more convincing and enforceable. We facilitate idea, solution and development processes, managing and directing them methodologically. But we will always remain neutral in terms of content. Depending on the situation, we might also act unconventionally or be provocative.

We facilitate meetings, workshops, expert panels, closed meetings and focus groups as well as large groups, dialog formats, expectation markets and sounding boards.