Presenting our methods.


In addition to the skills and experience of our consultants, trainers and coaches, the meaningful use of various tools and the subsequent interpretation and integration of the newly gained knowledge into the consulting process is an important part of our services. Here you will find an excerpt of our most frequently used tools.

360° LPC

The 360° Leadership Performance Circle (360°LPC) is an online tool developed by HRDT and designed to measures the effectiveness of Trainings and Coachings in a concrete and measurable way.

Big Five

The Big Five is a personality analysis model that enables the forming of statements on the competence development of employees and managers.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®) is a tool used for analyzing and determining personality typology by differentiating between four personality dimensions.


INSIGHTS MDI® is a diagnostic instrument used for recognizing talents and developing potentials. It illuminates all areas of human potential.


DiSC® quickly surfaces behavioral tendencies in different situations and makes them visible. This method is a non-judgmental approach to exploring certain behaviors in different situations.

Leadership Architect

The Korn Ferry Leadership® Architect works with 38 scientifically validated competencies that can precisely define characteristics for leaders.